Cat & Mitch’s Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding | Melbourne

What happens when two chicken rearing gamers plan a wedding at their favourite bar— a crazy fun party with fabulous guests, quirky designs, and the best dance floor ever (see @djandrewmcclelland of Mr. Mcclelland’s Finishing School for an epic party)! Check out Cat’s chicken feather capelet, an homage to the fluffy babies they couldn’t bring along! I also got to experience a wonderfully touching ceremony that left me in tears thanks to Mona Chung Chao @melbournecivilweddingcelebrant - the story Mona wove from letters they had written to their parents and each other, and the testimonials from friends was so perfect and encapsulated what’s truly important on a wedding day. Love that they celebrated each other and all their favourite people that day and I hope you can feel it in these photos xx

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