1. Cat & Mitch’s Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding | Melbourne

    31 Jul 2019
    What happens when two chicken rearing gamers plan a wedding at their favourite bar— a crazy fun party with fabulous guests, quirky designs, and the best dance floor ever (see @djandrewmcclelland of Mr. Mcclelland’s Finishing School for an epic party)! Check out Cat’s chicken feather capelet, an homage to the…

  2. Kiralee & Michael’s Immerse Winery Wedding | Melbourne

    31 Jul 2019
    A classic Australian vineyard wedding on a warm sunny day in March- this was the second wedding I’d shot for these two families, the other being that of the groom’s brother and bride’s sister last year! They’re all so lucky to have such loving in-laws and I can’t wait to…

  3. Sher & John’s Malaysian Chinese Tea Ceremony | Melbourne

    30 Jul 2019
    TBT one of my faves: A traditional Malaysian Chinese tea ceremony with these two crazy cats last summer! It was a fantastic reunion for everyone present as friends from far and wide travelled in to celebrate this momentous occasion with them. The ceremony started off with Sher hidden away in…

  4. Tia & Josh’s Carclew House Wedding | Adelaide

    28 May 2019
    We were all so relieved that the storm held off for Tia & Josh’s gorgeous Tongan Australian wedding! Right before their ceremony began, dark clouds loomed overhead and gusts of strong wind threatened champagne glasses everywhere… but as if right on cue, just as our beautiful bride reached the end…

  5. Adila & Ben’s Park Hyatt Wedding | Melbourne

    23 May 2017
    A couple of months ago, I shot the wedding of Adila and Ben at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and the Park Hyatt in East Melbourne. You can’t help but fall for the way these two crack each other up without even sharing a word between them! The ceremony was beautiful and…

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