Hi there, 

I'm Rachel from Melbourne.  Thanks for dropping by (:

I hope you feel happy when you look through my photos! I'm a hopeless romantic and love capturing subtle expressions and stolen moments. I take so much pleasure in making people feel beautiful just as they are. I use natural directions and conversation to guide relaxed poses with gorgeous candids in between. 

A wedding is one of the rare occasions in your life where all your favourite people come together in one place, just for you. To me, it is not just about the connection between you and your partner (as important as that is), but it's also the relationships you have with your family and friends, the people you've handpicked as having added something indispensable to your lives. I'll be there to capture everything from the ordinary, to extraordinary- all those little moments are a window into your lives together and will go on to become a part of your legacy. 

Some things about me:

  • Moved from Sydney to Singapore to Brisbane and now Melbourne
  • Currently settled in the city with this cute guy I met 8 years ago :D
  • Got into photography through a little cheeky urban exploration circa '08
  • Love people with good energy! Awesome, real, down to earth types
  • Favourite TV series are The Office US and Game of Thrones
  • Will pet every dog I see 
  • ENFP

If you'd like to request a price list or just say hi, please get in touch via my contact page x

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