Hi there, 

I'm Rachel from Melbourne.  Thanks for dropping by!

I hope you feel happy when you look through my photos! I'm a hopeless romantic and love capturing subtle expressions and stolen moments. I take so much pleasure in making people feel beautiful just as they are. I use natural directions and conversation to guide relaxed poses with gorgeous candids in between. 

Some things about me:

  • Born in Sydney, spent my childhood playing 7up in Singapore, then moved to Brisbane  
  • Currently settled in Melbourne with this cute guy I met 7 years ago :D
  • Got into photography through urban exploration around '08
  • Lover of good food and pop culture
  • Favourite TV series are The Office US and Game of Thrones
  • Will pet every dog I see
  • ENFP

If you'd like to request a price list or just say hi, please get in touch x

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